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Black Men Speak Podcast

May 26, 2024

In this episode we tackle the issue of nutrition and the importance of speaking to a nutritionist with licensed dietitian Gregory Lafortune. 

At the age of 11, he was told that he had Type 1 Diabetes. He truly hated this reality and battled it daily.  He had two options to choose from: 1) Make excuses & let this diagnosis ruin his life or 2) Take control of his health & rule over negativity.

Through faith, prayer,  and support from his village, he was able to adopt a more positive outlook on his condition. Based on his journey, he decided to pursue nutrition as a career to help communities of people, especially men of color who also struggle with chronic diseases of many sorts.

Gregory is the owner and operator of  Clocked in Wellness, LLC., an organization that is designed to transform healthcare by providing services that are male-centered & improve chronic disease rates in different populations. 

Gregory, earned my B.S. at Georgia State University in 2016 and his M.S. in Nutrition & Human Performance at Logan University in 2020.