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Black Men Speak Podcast

Jul 30, 2023

Omari Anderson is the founder and CEO of The Best Dirty Lemonade, a brand born from a deeply personal mission. As the only child of a mother battling Alzheimer's, Omari channeled his tenacity and love into creating a remedy to soothe her ailments. As her condition worsened, affecting her sleep, appetite, and mood, Omari was driven to help in the best way he knew how.
Despite his academic roots in law and liberal arts, as a graduate of Morehouse College and Howard University School of Law, Omari found himself tapping into the culinary memories of his childhood. Recalling the refreshing beverages his mother used to make, he painstakingly crafted his unique lemonade recipe.
Omari's commitment to making a difference extends beyond his business. He is an active member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association and a proud graduate of the 2022 Black CannaBusiness Northeastern Cohort. In his journey, Omari has demonstrated that with resilience, passion, and a strong sense of purpose, transformative solutions can emerge from even the most challenging circumstances.